Beautiful Children’s Concept Session

It was an absolute glorious evening the night I photographed this children’s concept session. I couldn’t have asked for a better golden hour or two more gorgeous girls who had an absolutely ball as I took them through a journey of games, dancing, dreaming and capturing stars.

I’m really excited to share the finer details and a behind the scenes sneak peak of what goes on when I conduct one of my special concept photographic sessions.   Gorgeous girls in tulle dresses putting stars back into the sky

I absolutely LOVE doing concept shoots.  When I’m brain storming an idea for a concept shoot, I put a lot of time and thought into the session. I usually have a very clear idea of the end picture and the story that I’m aiming to achieve.

I’m also a dancer, so for me it’s a bit like choreographing a dance for a stage production, which includes costumes, props and a beautiful backdrop to act as our stage. I spend a lot of time in the car driving around the Mornington Peninsula to source the perfect location to suit the type of session I’m shooting. I’ll often take my props to see if the colour tones of the location suits the overall look I’m after.

I also love hand crafting props and so for this particular session I handmade the floral head pieces, stars and spray painted the bucket silver.Flower head dress, stars, tulle dress and sunset location

Children collecting stars and putting them in silver bucket

When the girls first arrived, they hadn’t seen the beautiful tulle dresses or floral head pieces that they were going to wear. I can still see their delighted faces when I showed them! They were excited to put them on and get started on our photographic journey.

Once dressed, I set them to task to capturing stars that had fallen from the sky, followed by some skipping, patty cake and special friend hugs.

We even had time to stop and smell the roses and dream a little dream.

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Here are some more images from the session.  Enjoy …

Fairy girls collecting stars

Beautiful girls in tulle dresses

Gorgeous Girls in sunlight smelling flowers

Children holding flowers

Beautiful girls playing patticake in the sunlight

Girl dreaming in the sunlight

Two girls skipping together on a hill

Two girls dancing together on a hill

Best friends hugging

Gorgeous redheaded girl in backlit sunset

Gorgeous girl with breeze in her hair during a sunset

Girls carrying stars during dusk sunset



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